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Rabbit Clan

I’ve had this graphic novel idea in my head since college about a clan of Rabbits who are in a war with a clan of Wolves.

Similar to the Ant and the Grasshopper story, the Rabbits are farmers, they produce all the food that sustains their village and then sell what’s left over to the surrounding other clans. (All based on other animal clans).

But the Wolves, who live apart from the community, high into the mountains, come down and steal the food from the Rabbit clan as they feel they are above having to do menial tasks like farming.

In the end, it would be an enemies to lovers story about the Rabbit clan leaders daughter being saved by the Wolf clan leaders son one day when she’s in the woods collecting firewood and together they set out to create a new, and better world where they lay down their past prejudices and work together to battle an ever changing world and new threats.

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